Day 260

I’m having my greatest appreciation for every single luckiness has been coming to my Father now. More than ever, I believe love is the most beautiful thing and the best cure in the world.

Having the gene of T790M allows my Father to continue the treatment with taking pills, no need therapy so far. Yes the cost of the medicine is of course higher than the old one, but time and losing him is the highest price so we need to keep trying hard for it.

Talking about his spirit, he is doing well these days. Although he’s in pain most of the time but smile is still on his face. When he has some friends or people come to visit him, he talks a lot, and his words really make me move into tears sometimes when he says “Everyday I expect to have people to visit me so I can talk to them, share with them my situation, not because I want their sympathy but because I don’t want to be forgotten nor fighting this cancer alone”.

He is the strongest man who I have ever ever met in my entire life. He is my love, my strength, my dream, my everything. And I have a great faith that he can do everything even it’s the most impossible one.


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