Recently, I feel kind of empty. It’s hard to talk about this emptiness, it’s not having nothing, it’s just I have no idea why I feel that I don’t feel anything.

I can’t write anyone, I can’t describe it to anyone either. When people talk about that I am so busy these days, which makes me have no time and chance for relationship, dating, etc. Even one of the girls who always understands me very well told me that I should seriously think about having a new boyfriend, getting myself a relationship and “Having kids when you’re too old is not good for your health”.

I’m tired of that. Not because sad experiences from my relationships in the past makes me want to be alone. It’s just I believe in destiny, when love is to inspire and motivate each other not to help each other to feel lonely. I believe that my Mr. Right out there, waiting for the right time should I suppose to have one.

I’m fine with my situation right now. I’ve got many things to do, many projects to finish. Eight hours working time everyday, the cancer project, study project… Do I really have time for a relationship or find myself one?

Am I sad?
Yes, I am. Sometimes, thinking about why it’s so easy for people to walk away makes me feel bad. So why do I have to be rush to have a relationship? Is it bad, is it my problem, is it pathetic?

Life is short, can I just enjoy it my way?


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