Day 134

Suddenly I realized we have another thing to face beside the health situation of my father. The University, where my father works at, contacted him yesterday to inform that they will no longer pay him since he does not work there full-time anymore. They said that the insurance will pay for him because cancer decease is one of the decease that the Government support but only 60% salary will be supported.

Money is important but in this case, feeling that he no longer can earn money for his family is the matter, the very big one which he is facing.

He is a great man, the one who takes care of our family. He has done so many great things, for our family, for his University with all the research, for the Vietnam national volley ball also. And now, he feels like he is nothing, sick and stuck at home, gets no paid. He wants to work, he wants to go to work everyday, continue his research and projects and everything. This thing must hurt him badly.

I want to talk to him about that, or at least write him something but I haven’t known how to start.
It’s never easy, never.


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