My used-to-be N

Suddenly I remember the summer of 2 years ago, when I took a 45 minutes flight to a very strange island to see a strange man (physically) because I loved him and he loved me.

It was actually one of the greatest times in my life. We did crazy things in the craziest ways. We made that summer become an ideal summer that every man should have at least one time in his life.
People may say it’s stupid to keep all the things about your past, about what happened and ended. Yes, life is too short for living with things belong to the past, but it’s also too harsh to forget all the good memories. We don’t live with them, we treasure them in our different ways. It doesn’t mean that you cannot love any other ones that much or the same like the way you loved before. Don’t expect yourself to love someone just as much as you loved some of your ex(s). And don’t feel guilty either. Love is something we cannot measure or compare. Love is you, and you are love. I believe that every time we love, it’s like the first time as long as we love with all our pieces of heart, cells, feeling.

And I loved him, I’ve never regretted it, never regretted I took that flight to be with him.
He showed me the true meaning of love, when you care about your loved one even in your sleep. And why people want me to forget such a beautiful thing like that? I can’t and I don’t want to. I will always remember that because it’s a part of my life which I can’t never deny.
It’s what made me become me today.



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