Going through these days with a mixture of feeling. I made my decision to take a new journey, it’s an excitement to explore new things but sadness still exists somewhere in my heart because it’s not easy to say goodbye to the place I have been coming almost every single day of my life for more than 3 years. I have to say that I know that place so well that I can close my eyes and walk normally, I remember by heart the position of each one here, it’s just so familiar to me.

When I say I love my RGF, I know I cannot love a company at the beginning, I love the people first, my RGF-ers. They made RGF not only be just place to work but a name of a big family where we treat the others equally like our real sisters and brothers, with love and kindness. I have learnt a lot since the time I had chance to be a part of my team but the most important thing which I have learnt here from them is “Be a good person”.

Coming to the world of headhunters when I was still so young, I treated people well but somehow just because I wanted to add benefit for myself. I did “not good” things, I told lies sometimes, white lies, to get what I wanted. I thought that success was important, and I could do anything to be successful, to be recognized. When I entered RGF family , I realized there are so many other successes, not always about money and your level. Living in the world with many people around, of course you cannot make all of them love you but you have to make sure you always treat people with your kindness and you have to do everything with the best of your effort. Comparing to my version of 3 years ago, I’m completely different, only my craziness is the same (or more :D). Life is a long journey, there is nothing more important than being yourself and get your innovation and motivation to become better day by day. And at RGF, the true meaning of the statement “You find happiness when you make other people happy” comes clear like crystal.

Surely there will not be any places like my RGF, this is an unique one. I believe I will miss this place and all my RGF-ers so damn much. Our destiny crossed once, and who knows if it will cross many times again in the future. We never know.
I don’t want to call it “goodbye”, “farewell” or any same things it’s just the right time for a family member, me, steps a step out and takes her new journey. However, she knows she will always be a part of the family and always have the support of her beloved Sisters and Brothers.

RGF is my memorable milestone, where I found how it feel when I love and be loved, where I had chance to do many things that I never thought I could do. Just once again, I would quote our internal slogan which we have been being proud of “We may be very different, but we all have RGF gene in our blood”.
No matter where I go, no matter what I do, I’m proud to have the gene of RGF in my blood, forever!


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