I wrote  a long post yesterday on Instagram but I decided not to post it at the end, the post was about T. I don’t want myself to keep talking or mentioning about him, but I’m really having a confusing feeling at the moment.

“We don’t talk anymore”, I hate that song so much, I hate the way the metal rock band at at the Acoustic Pub sang it in a bad Friday night which made me become so moody and I also hate the way T used to sing it when we were together even he knew I would get mad with that. This is one of the greatest breaking up songs of all times for sure and this song should not been sung to your lover especially when you’re in love.

The sad thing is not when you no longer can talk normally to the one who used to be very close to you, it’s when everything becomes so odd with the way we talk to each other, it’s when you have to think like thousand times for a good answer to a very normal text message from that one.

This is so confusing!


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