The chord “F”

The chord “F” is one of my nightmare when playing guitar because I never can press the full F no matter how hard I had try, so I gave up! I use the simple chord F instead of the full one, it sounds quite fine although some awkward moments when my fingers cannot cover all the strings.
You will understand if you know how to play guitar, or you will say I’m a chicken if you think F is so damn easy to play.

“I’ll teach you how to press the F” – said T in a night of September.

If he loves you, he will steal the stars and moon for you.
Damn true, but when he no longer love you, picking up a phone call from you cost a ton of his effort. Sad but true!

He has never taught me how to press the F, never. Actually, he hadn’t had any chance, we hadn’t had any chances. And there are things we hadn’t had any chances to do, there are things he hadn’t had any chances to make it happen.

It’s just not important. He, doing simple things for me because he wants to is more meaningful than doing the things because of his promises to me.

The night we watched the movie Inferno together at the cinema was the worst day with him ever in my life. “Of course I will go to the cinema with you, I made my promise” and it’s just him, physically appeared and watched the movie. Two people, two strangers!
To be honest, he should’t go with me and I shouldn’t insist to have him keeping his promise.
The moment he jumped to the other chair in 2 lines before our line to talk to his friend, leaving me alone behind with a totally awkward face was terrible, I was trying so hard for not crying. And then the moment when he told me to go home so he could stay and talked to his friend really knocked me down.

I never had any chances to tell him that, but I think it’s fair. For what I had told him on the day he traveled to Hanoi, I deserve his attitude like that, I guess.

The saddest thing in life is not breaking up, it’s when you see and feel the difference of a man when he loves you and when he loves you not, clear like crystal.
And I still cannot press the full F. And I’m still not a replacement.


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