T texted me to ask about my father’s health. I was wondering why he had to do that but maybe he didn’t have to do that, he just did that. It’s completely tiring if you just sit and guess what people think when they do this or do that so I stopped myself from thinking too much about it. He is now a person whom I know, and yes if he wants to check on my father because he cares then it is it.

I told him a bit about my father’s health and shared with him that my father now is following one Master in traditional cure – the one he introduced me. To be honest, I’m very appreciated him for letting me know about the Master. He is a very devoted doctor and I admire him a lot.

Then T said what he had said before “Cố gắng lên em”, quite like “Be patient and keep fighting”. And it suddenly reminded me of our good time, of the very kind person I used to love.

Trust his kindness and treat him with kindness, as always.


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