So here comes the month for family, greeting season, people gathering, etc. Furthermore, there are many beautiful decorations everywhere on the streets, inside buildings, etc. The month of wishes sending by friends to friends, lovers to lovers, partners to partners

December has started not so bad except the unexpected light rain last night which made the only Starbucks in town where is always quiet full of people and noise. However having a friend who is willing to offer you sweet drink to help you to get diabetes is good. And I have to admit GreenTea drink always makes me become so hyper, especially after drinking one big cup of beer at the Food festival.

The walking street was not to crowded, it’s been a long time since the last time I went there, maybe nearly 6 months. I didn’t know it now has Pikachu and Doraemon and Dinasour and Ton Ngo Khong =)), so funny.
Me and my friend had some fries of McDonald, well it’s unexpected awful before we observed a proposal of a man for a girl (of course it’s of a man for a girl). That was (might be) one of the most awkward proposal ever in the world because of so many silly things, the shortness of the girl’s dress, the way he pulled her to the water, and took her hand walking quietly far away from people because they were both shy. Anyway, the good thing was she said yes, well the crowd was too loud so I didn’t know if she said yes but I saw her allowed him to wear the ring on her finger and they kissed after that.
Welcome to marriage life =)) why am I so mean???

I laughed a lot, not the proposal, it’s the comfort when you can be with someone who you can talk and joke shitty freely. It’s been a month, more than a month, since the last time I could feel so comfortable to be with someone like that.


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