Day 20

It’s almost a month since the day we knew about the tumor in my Father’s lung and my Father has not taken any medicine yet. The curing process has not been started yet, and he is still suffering the pain and serious cough every single day. He is losing weight and we are losing our patience day by day.

One of our family friend told us that we should have “under table” money for the doctor because that hospital is famous with the story not to care about the patients unless they give the doctor money. Well, I guess we have to do what we really have to.

Yesterday was the Teacher’s Day. I believe that my Dad had a great day with many visits and wishes from his students. Not only yesterday but for 20 days, his heart has been fulfilling with all the loves from his teachers, friends, peers and students.
I told my Father “when I was young, I did not understand why saying I’m father Phong’s daughter could make me become so powerful =)), but now I understand it’s your long journey of sacrifices, efforts, caring and great passion”.

I believe to have so many people truly love him like that he has given the his true love to all of them in one way or another and it totally makes me completely admire him.

I just want to spend my time with him as much as possible, I want to see his smile everyday, it’s the first thing I want to see after waking up in the morning and before going to bed in the evening. I feel myself lucky to have that chance to be his daughter in this life and I still want to be in our next life. 

Dad, I know you will be fine, absolutely fine. I can see you smile happily in my wedding. I can see you laugh loudly holding your niece or nephew. Please Dad, be safe and sound.


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