Birthday | 08 11 2016

Today is my birthday!

“Birthday is just a day” he said, he was my boyfriend. He said that when I woke up in the morning, next to him, yelled “Happy Birthday” and hugged him tightly. He acted nothing, just said that slowly.

Yes, birthday is just a day.
And I have to confess that a little piece deep down inside my mind was expecting him to at least say a normal thing to me like “Happy Birthday” but he didn’t. I shouldn’t be sad, since I have a bigger thing to worry about.

This year birthday, I have many wishes from my beloved friends and colleagues, I have a very special treat from my big sister. All of them truly made my day. However, I have no cake from Mom as usual because she is too busy taking care of my Dad, I have no family dinner, and tomorrow is the day we will have the doctor’s final instruction for my Dad, should be chemotherapy or radiotherapy or both.

I can’t deny that I’m afraid, but I told Dad “We are strong because we are together Dad, everything will be fine, trust me”.

I haven’t made a wish for today yet, even “Birthday is just a day”, I still want to have my wish.
“Please give the man I love the most strength so he can go through this tough time, please give him faith so he won’t feel lost, please give him peace to cure all his pain, and please let him keep doing the thing he has been doing so well for 27 years already – wrapping the blanket around me every single night”.

God, please don’t take him away from me, not now.


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