Day 6

Somehow everything seems to be controlled, but I know we cannot underestimate it because it’s just the beginning. My father has to stay at home and wait for the final decision of the doctors to know the curing process. Should be chemotherapy or radiotherapy or both.

One of the hard things is we have to force him to have a completely different menu with boring food and drinks. And with a person who has a very strict taste of food like him, it’s even hardest, but he has to.
I asked some friends for their experiences to build a menu for him with vegetables and only chicken (some fishes), strictly no sugar and milk and butter. For drinks, we give him beans milk and juice with many fruits and vegetables, but no mango and orange. He keeps complaining but still follows it well, good man!

He’s got a light cold because he took a bath yesterday when the temperature was low so I hope the cold medicine is ok with some specific medicines he is taking. I find myself so stupid not to know anything about this.

His mood is good, worried I know but positive. That’s the most important for K patients. As long as he can keep himself happy and enjoy his life in his way, things will be good.

November 9th, we will know what to do next.


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