The news came!

On October 28th 2016, after having a general health check and doing several tests (blood test, lungs x-ray and CAT Scan,…), the doctor asked my father to have lung biopsy since he said that there was a tumor in my father’s lung and a lymph node in his throat.
When my mother told me so, I was terrified because I knew what biopsy was and why had biopsy. However, I still kept my tiny hope for the good thing.

On October 29th 2016, my father got back home after the biopsy and he was not good at all. He was in pain, and he could not eat or sleep well, he was very tired and we were really worried.
My mom cried when she told me “We have to wait for the result but the doctor said 99% it’s lung cancer so you have to prepare for it”. I was almost collapsed, I could not think clearly and there were so many bad things, bad questions in my mind. And it was “money” popped up, “we will need money, yes we will”.

It was a very down mood weekend since my father’s health kept going down. One of our biggest concerns was what kind of food we should give him. There were so many advices which made us be completely overwhelmed. I contacted some friends to ask if they had any experiences or information about it, some had some not. One of my friends told me about the Oriental medicine which applied acupuncture points to cure deceases, and he suggested me taking my father there as soon as possible.
I cried a lot, I was scare (still I am). My father ate normally but he could not sleep because he coughed a lot, with blood.

The official news came on November 1st, it’s Lung Cancer, last stage.
It’s not the news to kill you anymore, it’s your father’s health kept going worse. I wrote in my diary that day “For some people, it’s the end but for me and my family it’s the beginning of every single thing”.

I know our life will change, it will turn into a very different page, a tough one. However, I have a strong faith that everything will be fine as long as we are together.

November 1st, 1st day of our “Beating Cancer”, also Diabetes and Heart problem journey.


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